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Levato Architectural Porcelain Stoneware Pavers

Levato Pavers Case Study 1

Balcony Installation on Sarnafil single ply membrane.

Product used: Levato Mono – TeknoTimber – Dark Oak
Area: circa 34m2
Tools required: Wet cutter with continuous diamond blade for straight cuts. Angle grinder with continuous diamond blade for small cuts around chimney breast

Area before installation.

Pavers installed on paver support pads supplied by Sarnafil as part of the single ply installation.

Pavers laid out centrally to ensure equal cuts to either side of the balcony. This layout also offered the additional benefit of placing the central paver run directly over the top of the central lap joint in the Sanafil membrane, ensuring that the paver support pads were positioned either side of this joint.

Note: Occasionally it will be necessary to install paver supports directly on top of lap joints, in this situation the paver support should be shimmed maintain a level installation platform, it may be necessary to shim the support pads directly to either side of the lap joint to ensure an even surface finish. Use of the Levato Self Levelling pedestals, negates the requirement for shimming in these situations.

Pavers cut with angle grinder to accommodate chimney breast.

Completed installation

Completed installation