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Levato Architectural Porcelain Stoneware Pavers

Levato Pavers Case Study 2

Patio Transformation

Product used: Levato Mono – TeknoTimber – Dark Oak
Levato Fixed Head Pedestals 40-70mm 4mm spacers (for pavers installed on block paving sand.)
Tension Springs
Area: circa 34m2
Tools required: Wet cutter with continuous diamond blade for straight cuts. Angle grinder with continuous diamond blade for small cuts. Level, rubber mallet and tape measure.

This installation threw up a couple of challenges; the existing patio slabs, although solid were very uneven.

There was also a line of existing council road slabs laid from the edge of the patio to the end of the garden. The client wanted these lifted and replaced with Levato Mono pavers.

Because the lawn section was raised above the existing patio height, the height range of the adjustable pedestals was chosen to enable a single continuous surface to be created with the Levato pavers, both across the patio and onto the adjoining lawn section.

Before – you can see just how uneven the existing surface was.

Begging to lay out the pavers.

Finished floor/deck.

Finished floor/deck.

Front edge – you can just make out the tension springs installed along this edge, these ensure the pavers cannot creep, maintaining the 4mm gap between all pavers.

Here you can see that a riser was created from the Mono pavers, finishing off the step up on to the new floor area.

In this picture you can see the Levato Mono pavers installed on the paving sand base –you can also see the stack of old council pavers they replaced.