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Levato Architectural Porcelain Stoneware Pavers


Bespoke paver options, tailored solutions

LevatoDuo pavers offer raised flooring solutions for heavy traffic and high load areas. The pavers are comprised of laminated upper and lower ceramic panels, the homogeneous lower section or base layer is available in two thicknesses, 15mm and 20mm, offering increased technical performance and load bearing therefore meeting the requirements of the most demanding projects.

With this solution a much wider range of surface finishes are available from the DTC range. And in addition to 600mm x 600mm section, a 1200mm x 600mm section is available, offering architects and designers a comprehensive and abundant choice of design and layout options, for example the 1200mm x 600mm profile can be laid in stretcher bond or herringbone pattern.

The LevatoDuo laminated system also enables the simulated timber finishes to be supplied as individual slats mounted on the lower ceramic panel offering increased aesthetics.

Technical Specification

The LevatoDuo paver system is able to offer hugely increased technical performance, the combination of surface and sub surface tile along with reinforcing meshes –if required –can achieve results exceeding the highest standards set for these products. In fact the performance can be tailored to the clients exact requirements.

Due to the varying combinations of surface and subsurface tiles that can be coupled, the full technical specifications would be issued on confirmation of materials being utilised.